A complete tournament solution. This set consists of three layers which organise the widgets and measuring tools inside them, the layers are held together by embedded magnets and feature a clear acrylic cover which is also held on with magnets. 

Layer 1
3 x 1” 30mm steppers
2 x 2” 30mm steppers
1 x 3” 30mm stepper 

3 x 1” 40mm steppers
2 x 2” 40mm steppers
1 x 3” 40mm stepper 

3 x 1” 50mm steppers
2 x 2” 50mm steppers
1 x 3” 50mm stepper 

Layer 2
Measuring sticks 4” - 10”
1-2-3” widget
Kick Scatter Template
Circle Scatter Template 

Layer 3
1” and 2” melee markers for 30mm base
1” and 2” melee markers for 40mm base
1” and 2” melee markers for 50mm base

30mm, 40mm, 50mm proxy bases. 

The tools can be chosen in any colours, the cover can also be made in the colour of your choice. 

Please contact me for further customisation, such as engraved covers, custom steppers, alternative materials etc, lots of possibilities to make this set unique!

Dimensions - 275 x 170 x 24mm when stacked 

Tournament Organiser Complete