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Welcome to Dionysus Designs.

I started Dionysus Designs with the simple goal of creating good value, easy to use, and attractive gaming accessories.


I personally found a lot of the tokens out there either too cluttered, hard to read, or too fiddly and awkward, so I decided to give players an alternative.

My tokens come in sets which include everything you need to get started with a guild, all the play tokens, AOE markers, influence, and a couple of goal influence tokens. All of these come pre-painted for clarity, with no films to peel off or any work needed to get them on the pitch.

They are all completely up to date, and will be kept up to date as any erratas, extra players, or rule changes are announced.

All the tokens sets come in the colours shown, but I'm more than happy to use alternative colours if requested, and everything is able to be customised if needed, just drop me a message to discuss your needs.

Thanks for stopping by.


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